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Blackberry Playbook Android SideLoader and Downloader

It's been so long since I've posted anything. I finally wrote something and it's public. This Playbook installer will find, download and install Android .bar files listed on Good eReader with a single command. Check it out!.

iPad case. Oh what a fail

So I have this shiny new iPad now and it's fun and nice until it's in Apple's very own case. Sure it looks nice at the store on display but in use it's pretty awful. 45+ dollars and it looks I've owned it for 3 months instead of 3 days and eating crackers on it ever since. This is only compounded by the fact that it flips the wrong way for some landscape apps! Read more.


This Saturday I attended CrisisCamp. I originally wanted to attend to hack on something to help, however, I ended up just translating part of the Wiki from English to Spanish. If you are multilingual and are interested please contact me there are a lot of things that can be done to get the word out.

How I became involved was actually quite interesting there were some people from Argentina on the IRC Channel who couldn't read the Wiki which they had run through Google Translate. These people were eager to help in some way but had no way of knowing which projects to work on since they couldn't understand the existing projects.

The same service was being performed in French and Hindi by others attending CrisisCamp. There is a lot of content to be translated and we are looking for more people to do it. The Wiki is also under constant construction and we would like to at least translate what's there into a few languages. So contact me if you are interested.

On Saturday we were able to translate this page and if you are familiar with MediaWiki please feel free to go ahead and create /lang subpages for those pages you wish to translate.


This is a formalization of the iPhone hack I created at iPhoneDevCamp3 with the help of Hernan Pelassini. In an effort to move the project forward I created this web page. It is a proof of concept which attempts to port some sign language based on gestures to the iPhone. Very simple example done in 2 days. Visit Senyala.

Form Validation

These are the forms used in the Inline Validation in Web Forms Article by Luke Wroblewski. Try them out!

Twitter Auto-Complete

Auto Complete your friends' ID's in the Tweet Box try it out!

Remote Mousing

With remote mousing you can potentially send events to other browsers, windows, and devices virtually try it out!

HTML2JS Complete

I've completed HTML2JS go ahead and try it out! This was based on the HTML to JavaScript converter concept noted here.

HTML2JS is a service which allows for users to post a block of HTML and returns proper JS with object handles.

I'll be providing some documentation on how to access this script via rest in the near future.