Ideas that make you go hmm...

Exploring new ideas is a passion of mine and having a place to have an open forum for such discussions is something that can be really useful for evolving a burgeoning idea.

HTML to JavaScript Converter

A REST based service which allows for users to post a block of HTML and returns proper JS with object handles. For example:


<div id="foo">Some Text</div>


var div_0 = create('div', {'attributes': {'id':'foo'}});
var text_1 = create('text', {'attributes': {'innerHTML':'Some Text'}});

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The Messenger Secretary Buddy

Converting an XMPP based bot into a buddy which can register your various social networks and allow you to perform simple updates and checks. The buddy could be configured from a website and added to your messenger client as a buddy. Ideally you would be able to send images, and text updates to this new buddy and have it upload the contents of the message to your desired social network.

Targeted Drag and Drop

Creating a lightweight drag and drop interface where lines are used to connect the source to the destination. Doing so may reduce confusion caused in users by some drag and drop interfaces and a lighter code base would benefit downloading and performance.